<<-------------->> Description<<-------------->>

A Game Jam game made in 3 days for the GDA Game Jam with the theme "No Signal".

>>This is my first ever jam ^^<<

Static in Space is a game about you, the character who is stranded into his crashed spaceship where the only option is to escape before the oxygen will run out. Will you escape the ship and go off into space with your escape pod, having a chance of signal? Or will you die, with no signal? 

The game is recommended to be played in fullscreen and on 1920x1080 for screen settings. The game will always run, but the menu will just look better.

<<-------------->> Controls<<-------------->>

In the Menus:

WASD / Arrow Keys - Movement

Enter - Interaction

In the Game:

WASD / Arrow Keys - Movement

E - Interaction

<<-------------->> Credits <<-------------->>

All the development is done by:

Yatta (Me) - https://yatta.itch.io/

Wolfaniac -  https://wolfaniac.itch.io/

The artist who have worked on the game:

Hen03rik - https://hen03rik.itch.io/

Inklish - https://inklish.itch.io/

Music done by:

Yatta (Me) - https://yatta.itch.io/

There were no asset packs for coding or any backend, but we did have an asset tilemap for the map and spritesheet for the enemies.


Static In Space Build.zip 21 MB


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Text shouldn't immobilize you for so long in a game where timing is so important

Yep, we understood that after the project. We never did a time-based game yet. Thanks for the feedback though^^