A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Monkey Rush is a game where you, a human farmer has just dropped down into a dungeon of monkeys with all your bananas in your pockets! The monkeys want your fresh amazing bananas, but you of course want to escape the dungeon. To escape, defeat the dungeon full of monkeys and finish of the greater ape. You will find your vine to freedom down there. On your way to that vine, there'll be a lot of monkeys, powerups and debuffs! Maybe you will even find the shopkeeper.

The game was made for a school project by:

- yatta.itch.io  (Me)

- wolfaniac.itch.io (Danny)

- Aikiro (Edy)

(Play on fullscreen if on windows!)


Monkey Rush.app.zip 17 MB
MonkeyRush.zip 14 MB

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